Shopping Cart Hero 4

Shopping Cart Hero 4 is based on the same concept as the previous versions – but with a new twist! If you like all of the Shopping Cart Hero games, as well as Skateboarding Stunt games, you are going to love this!


Shopping Cart Hero 4 takes place in a Skateboard Park. Your goal – push your shopping cart down the mega half-pipe ramp to gain speed; jump in, then go flying through the air performing tricks and land safely on the ground. Think you can do it?

Click Here to play Shopping Cart Hero 4


Many of the upgrades available on the previous versions of Shopping Cart Hero are available here; however, there are a few new upgrade features available now. These are going to blow your mind.

The new upgrades include:

  • Adding a Nitro tank to your cart
  • Adding a Turbo Engine to your cart
  • A new vehicle/cart – Electric Powered Shopping Cart


You can still perform all the great tricks you loved from the previous versions, including:

  • Forward Flips
  • Backward Flips
  • Superman
  • Handstand
  • Up-N-Out
  • Up-N-Out Flip
  • Back Wheelie

A few new stunts have been included. You can now perform a Front Wheelie and a Hangman Stunt. The Hangman Stunt makes your character hang from the underside of your shopping cart.

Additionally, you can now have up to five Groupies hanging out with you in your cart – but be careful not to crash. You don’t want to kill your groupies!

New Feature!


As with the previous versions, you still earn loads of in-game cash at the end of each jump attempt that you can then use to purchase upgrades and better stunts. In Shopping Cart Hero 4, though, you can also earn cash while playing! If you can make your cart jump high enough in the air, you can collect loads of cash. It’s just floating there, waiting for you to collect them. What are you waiting for?