Shopping Cart Hero 5

Shopping Cart Hero 5 takes the shopping cart gaming experience to a whole new level. Set in a large Ski Resort, you are pushing your shopping cart (equipped with ski attachments) down a massive ski slope, jumping in, then launching off through the air. Go as fast as you can; as high as you can; and perform stunts to get a high score.


The controls in Shopping Cart Hero 5 are the same as in previous versions, with a few additions:

  • Up arrow or W key – Jump
  • Right arrow or D key – Run
  • Left and Right or A and D keys – control cart while in the air

Uphill Rush 7

Uphill Rush 7

Flood Runner 5

Flood Runner 5

Electric Man 2

Electric Man 2



Shopping Cart Hero 5 introduces a few new upgrades:

  • (default/starter) Wooden Skis
  • Plastic Skis
  • Fiberglass Skis
  • Metal Skis
  • Football Helmet
  • Beanie Hat
  • Ski Mask


You can still perform all the same stunts you enjoyed from before, including:

  • Superman
  • Handstand
  • Up-N-Out
  • Up-N-Out Flip
  • Forward Flip
  • Back Flip
  • Handstand Wheelie
  • Front Wheelie
  • Back Wheelie
  • Pole Vault


This version has a few new options available for players to adjust to their personal preference.

  • Toggle music on/off
  • Toggle sound on/off
  • Toggle graphics quality: high/medium/low
  • Full screen mode option

Additional feature

Unlike in the previous versions, in Shopping Cart Hero 5, you can now share your scores on FB to show off to all of your friends.


Brand New Feature

A brand new feature has been launched in Shopping Cart Hero 5! You can now race against other players online to earn more money for better upgrades. This feature must be unlocked by spending $1500 in-game money – but the payout makes it worth it!

First place receives $2,000 in-game money.

Second place receives $1,000 in-game money.

Third place receives $500 in-game money, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the Shopping Cart Hero 5 challenge and show off your skills!