Shopping Cart Hero 1

We have all done it. While we are pushing our shopping carts to our cars (or pushing them for our parents), we push them as fast as we can, then hop on – sending us sailing through the parking lot, and hoping we can stop it in time before we crash it into a car. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Shopping Cart Hero has taken this long-loved childhood thrill into the gaming world – and supped it up to meet our wildest imaginations. Check it out.


The object of the game is to make your stick figure push his cart as fast as it can go down a hill, jump in, and go flying through the air – hoping and praying you won’t crash and die. Do you think you can do it?

Click Here to play Shopping Cart 1 


The controls are very basic.

  • Right arrow key – Run
  • Up arrow key – Jump & Get into the cart
  • Right and Left arrow key – Balance cart once it is airborne


Your score is calculated based on a number of things.

  • Distance
  • Height
  • Tricks performed
  • Style

These points are added together to come up with your total score. Your score determines how much money you will receive at the end of each round.


Once you have received your money at the end of the round, you can use it to purchase upgrades. There are several upgrades available.

  • Wheels (3 different types available)
  • Rockets (3 different types available)
  • “Friends” or Groupies in cart ( 3 upgrades available)

You start out with your default wheels, rockets, and no friends. Once you have enough money, you can upgrade each of these – and continue to do so until you have no more upgrades available.

Performing tricks will also help improve your score. Some you will need to purchase in the Upgrade screen. The tricks include:

  • Forward Flip (free)
  • Backward Flip (free)
  • Superman (Purchase upgrade)
  • Handstand (Purchase upgrade)


Shopping Cart Hero 1 has been hacked to provide players with an easier playing experience. The hack they have performed gives you $5 Million at the start of your game. This allows you to purchase all of the upgrades right after your first round. While you won’t need the full $5 Million to purchase all of the upgrades, however you will need it later. Why? Well, because if you crash while you have a full cart of groupies, you will kill your groupies and need to upgrade again to have more in your cart.


In each round, you will see two orange posts – one near the bottom of the first hill, and one at the top of the second hill right before the major drop-off (where you will need to jump). The first orange post is to indicate when to “Get In”. The second orange post is to indicate when to jump. There are a few tips you should know regarding these orange posts in order to score the most points and earn the most cash.

  1. Tap the UP arrow at the first orange bar – this determines your height and distance. Try to aim for a full red bar (located at the bottom of your screen).
  2. Release the RIGHT arrow key at the second orange bar – provided you are not planning to try for a forward flip.

Additionally, there are other tips you need to know that do not pertain to the orange bars. They are:

  • Do not refresh your browser – this will reset your game and you will lose all of the upgrades you have already purchased.
  • Purchase groupies as soon as possible. Groupies increase your score and money multiplier. Try not to kill them, though, as you will need to repurchase those upgrades if they die.
  • Performing Handstand tricks give you 200 points. Flips, on the other hand, will give you 300 points.
  • If performing a Handstand, do not hold it. Holding a handstand will actually give you less Trick points than it would if you perform multiple Handstands. So go for quantity.
  • A successful Flip with another special move/trick (Superman or Handstand) will double the points you earn from performing Handstands and Superman tricks. Try to do both to get a better score!