Shopping Cart Hero 2

Similar to the original, Shopping Cart Hero 2 puts a creative spin on the old childhood favorite excitement of pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot to reach max speed then jumping on for the exhilarating ride.

Except in real life, you don’t get rockets, hang gliders, and all the cool stuff that comes in this game. You are also not in a parking lot in the game… but on hilly plains. Let’s take a closer look at what Shopping Cart Hero 2 has in store for us.


The object of the game is the same as that in the original Shopping Cart Hero: push your cart as fast as you can down the hill, jump in, and take off through the air. Make your cart go as high as you can, and as far as you can, without crashing causing you to kill yourself or your groupies.

Click Here to play Shopping Cart Hero 2


This version has a couple settings you can adjust. You can toggle the sound on or off, as well as adjust the graphics quality between high and low. Whatever suits your needs and computer’s abilities


  • Right arrow key – Run forward
  • Up arrow key – Jump/Get In  cart
  • Right and Left arrow key – balance cart while airborne


Shopping Cart Hero 2 has many new upgrades available for you to purchase with your winnings at the end of each round. They are:

  • Solid Golden Cart – gives you +0.5 style points
  • Hang Glider – an air trick – requires Solid Golden Cart + Bat
  • Dumpster – provides -0.2 style points
  • Rockets #4 – Requires Dumpster + Rockets #3
  • Dumpster Dive – an air trick – Requires Dumpster + Bat
  • Football Helmet – provides +0.5 style points on crashing (however, if you crash, you must repurchase this upgrade)
  • Sombrero – gives you +0.1 style
  • Propeller Beanie Hat – gives you 0.1 style and 0.1 lift
  • Baseball Hat
  • Wheelie – ground trick
  • Handstand Wheelie – ground trick
  • Pole Vault – ground trick – Requires Bat
  • Round Wheels – gives you x1.2 rolling speed
  • Rockets – gives a little more speed/boost going down hills
  • Groupie – gives +0.3 style points
  • Up-N-Out – air trick
  • Superman – air trick
  • Up-N-Out – air trick
  • Handstand – air trick

Some of these upgrades will remain permanent – for instance, some of the tricks. Others however, once purchased, will show a new type of upgradable item in its place. The wheels, for instance, when you purchase the first upgrade – Round Wheels – will then change to Rubber Wheels for its next upgrade. Additionally, there are upgrades that you purchase that does not upgrade to something better, but you can lose and need to repurchase – like the Football Helmet. If you use the Football Helmet, and crash, you will lose that upgrade and need to repurchase it to receive its bonuses again.



At the end of each jump (or round), your score is calculated based on a few things: distance, height, tricks performed, and style. The higher your score, the more money you will receive to be able to purchase better upgrades.


There are websites available for Shopping Cart Hero 2 that has hacked into the game to make some changes. These changes allow for easier game playing; for instance, one hack provides all upgrades available free.


  • There are 3 wooden posts on each round
    • The first wooden post tells you what round you are on (Jump 1. Jump 2.)
    • The second wooden post shows you where to Get In – this location determines your distance
    • The third wooden post shows you where to jump – this location determines your height
  • The second and third posts will work together with the golden bars that appear at the bottom of the game screen.
  • Try to reach the highest points on both golden bars to achieve maximum height and distance. Achieving this will give you the most height and distance points.
  • To achieve the highest point on the first golden bar (the one at the first wooden post), Get In where the first wooden post is located.
  • To achieve the highest point on the second golden bar (the one associated with the second wooden post), jump at the second wooden posts location.