Shopping Cart Hero 3

We have all done it. Whether we were young kids, or older adults, we all a thrill out of pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot as fast as we can, then hopping on the back and taking it for a ride. Some of us may have even dreamed of what it would be like to add a motor, rocket, or other add-on to really give it a boost of speed.

Well, the developers of Shopping Cart Hero 3 are visionaries like that also – and have implemented many things we could only dream of doing with a shopping cart in this game. Let’s take a look.

Click Here to play Shopping Cart Hero 3


  • Toggle Sound/Music on/off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality High/Low


The controls on this game are the same as the previous two versions.

  • Up arrow key – Jump
  • Right arrow key – Run
  • Left and Right arrow key – control cart while in the air

How to Play

The object of the game is to push your cart down a steep hill as fast as you can, jump in, and then take it as high in the air as you can and land safely on the other side. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can prove to be difficult – especially if you are trying to perform multiple tricks and you are not quite as high in the air as you originally thought!


Your scores are based on a variety of tasks. These tasks include distance achieved, how high you went, and tricks performed, and style points. These task points are then added together and calculated to convert them into in-game money. You can then use the in-game money to purchase upgrades and stunts for larger payouts.


  • Round Wheels – gives 1.2x rolling speed
  • Handlebar Streamers – gives +0.2 style points
  • Groupie – gives 0.3 style points
  • Rockets
  • Baseball Bat
  • Football Helmet – gives 0.5 style points on crashing
  • Sombrero – gives 0.1 style points
  • Propeller Beanie Hat – gives 0.1 style points and 0.1 lift
  • Lucky Top Hat – gives 0.3 style points
  • Solid Gold Cart – gives 0.5 style points
  • Diamond Crusted Spinners
  • Fireworks Display – multiplies altitude points by 10, and gives 1.0 style points, as well as 0.5 bonus points per groupie


Air Tricks

  • After burners
  • Up-N-Out
  • Superman
  • Up-N-Out Flip
  • Handstand

Ground Tricks

  • Wheelie
  • Handstand Wheelie
  • Pole Vault

In addition to the upgrades and tricks listed above, there are also some available to unlock. Each trick provides a different number of trick points. For instance, the Up-N-Out air trick will give you 50 points, where the Superman trick will give you 100 points.

In addition, with some upgrades, once you upgrade them, a new upgrade will appear in its spot. An example of this would be the Wheels and Groupies. When you upgrade your wheels for the first time from the default wheels to the Round Wheels, the round wheels will disappear and the newer upgrade – Rubber Wheels – will appear. The same can be said for the Groupies upgrade. When you upgrade Groupies for the first time, that upgrade will disappear and a new upgrade will appear – Two Groupies. A couple other upgrades are like this as well.